The PCC offers individual membership to anyone employed by an authorized Ayaya partner company. Members are required to attend one (1) Conference or six (6) Task Force Calls in a calendar year to remain active. PCC members abide by their own company’s Code of Business Conduct Policy and/or Code of Ethics Policy. All members must also adhere to the requirements outlined in the non-disclosure agreement that each partner company signs with Avaya.

The Benefits


  • Develop close working relationships with key Avaya personnel
  • Influence Avaya’s products and processes based on your company’s needs
  • Become more knowledgeable and better trained in Avaya products
  • Share best practices with over 900 members
  • Direct contact with Avaya subject matter experts and executives at conferences and monthly task force forums
  • Focused attention given to issues until a resolution is achieved
  • Receive critical new product information in preparation for the launch of new products
  • Partner certification