PCC Member Resources

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You can get more value from your PCC membership by attending the monthly task force conference calls. You can also meet your PCC membership requirements by attending 6 conference calls in one calendar year.

These task forces perform the day-to-day work of the PCC. Avaya provides end to end business content by presenting products, project updates, services and tools. Members get the opportunity to provide feedback (the good, bad and the ugly). Issues are worked until resolution is achieved; progress is tracked via standardized action registers.

It’s easy to join these calls, just follow these easy steps:

  • Take a look at the PCC Committee List and find a Task Force that you are interested in.

  • Please find the PCC conference bridge number on the PCC Americas Community Library Please note that all of the PCC conference calls are made on this conference bridge number so for security reasons it is not published.

  • On the day of the call, just dial into the conference bridge. Be sure and let the chair person know that you are on the bridge so you can get credit for attending call.

Leadership Opportunities

Want to hone your leadership and project management skills? Volunteer to chair a task force. Task Force chairs manage a variety of projects and lead team members in resolving issues. Contact a Board of Directors member regarding task force and Board of Director opportunities.

PCC Americas Community Library

The PCC Americas community website contains conference presentations, task force meeting minutes as well as other information that PCC members are interested in.

  • Click here to go to the login portal.

  • Once you register, please allow up to 48 hours for a confirmation email to verify your access.

  • All of the PCC calls are held on the PCC conference bridge and that number is posted on the PCC Americas Community workspace under the PCC Members tag.

Board of Directors

Important Note: Avaya Partner Companies have signed a Corporate NDA with Avaya; all PCC Members as such are bound under that agreement. It will not be necessary to sign an individual NDA; this is merely a reminder for your reference.

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